Wednesday, 3 September 2008

American Surfaces

If you guys get a chance you should check out
Stephen Shore's "American Surfaces"
It is a book showcasing a collection of photographs Shore took in the Seventies.
The pictures are really great and wonderfully disarming so really really go and have a look. (I can't be bothered to scan and show some samples so just get yourself to your local library!)
Also the pictures really remind me of some of your photos Sina :)
and Nadine,
the library code is Third Floor, 761.2 SHOR although I might have it for a while :P
and also you should check out
Third Floor, 761.3 EWIN, a book called "The Body", it has tons of really cool photographs of all kinds of different bodies/people, including some Siamese twins

And hoka is currently living in tomorrow, although I guess I'll be joining Sina in yesterday soon, so Nadine you'll be the only one living in the present :P
Ah, time differences.

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